How You Can Help…

If the GatG Foundation resonates with you, here’s how you can help

Become a Humanitarian Girl about the Globe

Girl about the Globe already stands for empowerment, freedom and being our authentic selves. But the humanitarian girl about the globe believes in unity and compassion for the world. She wants to help build a better world for our children and learn about the issues affecting the lives of children to help them transcend their circumstances and provide them with the opportunities that every child should have.

Why become a humanitarian Girl about the Globe?

Because you believe in what Girl about the Globe stands for. You share our vision of making an impact. The humanitarian traveller cares about the people in the country that they visit and want to help alleviate the girls from poverty and change their lives.Through the Patreon site, you can become a humanitarian Girl about the Globe and help me to achieve my vision. The membership is monthly and there are 4 different levels to join (see below)

OR… Book Your Travel Through Girl about the Globe

If this isn’t something that interests you but you would still like to contribute to making an impact to the lives of more vulnerable girls, just book your next trip through the Girl about the Globe blog. Whether you book accommodation, car hire, tours or purchase a travel products, I donate 10% of net profits to the organisations that the Girl about the Globe Foundation helps. Or spread the love to all other solo travellers that you meet for lots of free karma points (find all the booking resources here).

Pink Backpack GatG

£2.50 a month

The pink backpack is for you if you would like to support GatG and believe in our vision. You’ll receive your name on the Girl about the Globe Foundation as a Patreon to say a massive thank you for helping to support our vision. You’ll also receive a virtual badge showing that you are a humanitarian Girl about the Globe. We’ll send a trauma bear to a child affected by conflict.

Humanitarian GatG

£5.00 a month

All of the above. Plus, receive all of the Girl about the Globe digital products including our Plan Your Dream Solo Trip course for 2022, our Solo Travel Starter Bundle, and free tickets to our Solo Travel Workshops. Plus our Solo Travel Card, a loyalty card for solo travellers where you get to tell us what brands you love and we go and ask them for discounts! (And hope they say yes!) And because February is ‘National Boost Your Self-Esteem’ month, you’ll also receive a 30-day empowerment plan to help you feel more confident.

Illuminated GatG

£10.00 a month

All of the above plus as an illuminated GatG, you have your say on which destinations you would like content produced for next.

Enlightened GatG

£15.00 a month

All of the above plus a 30 minute one-on-one with me every 2 months for either a distance reiki session, help with empowerment to travel solo, or personal help with planning your trip.

Maybe there’s something that’s holding you back from travelling or you’re facing difficulties in life and want to speak to someone who broke free from society, opted out of a divorce and forged my own path in life. I’ve solo travelled in my 20s. 30s and 40’s. I’ve volunteered, worked abroad, travelled mainly independently and live a location independent life. My experience as a Samaritan has given me valuable listening skills to help you unpick what you may be feeling.

How your subscription helps

Plus, every month, I’ll share a journalistic story highlighting issues that I have come across in my travels, and as soon as I hear of any products or organisations that are doing their bit to help the world, you’ll be the first to know about them.

We can help make a difference and I would love it if you would join me on this journey. If this resonates with you and you would like to be a humanitarian girl about the globe, you can find out more about the Patreon membership below.